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Justice was Served

Case Type: Violent Crime
Attorney: Guy Galambos

“Mr Galambos and the entire staff at the law firm worked tirelessly for the freedom of my son. We were all treated with respect and our insights were welcomed. The amount of hard work, knowledge of the law, and compassion Guy expressed were … More


Cast Type: DUI
Attorney: Guy Galambos

“Guy is the most honest lawyer I have ever dealt with, he didnt sugar coat what the outcome would be to get us to retain him, he was honest and straight forward with us from the beginning. The initial interview was very informative as … More

Saved me from JAIL!

Case Type: DUI
Attorney: Guy Galambos

“Going through some tuff times i didnt pay my probation fines and was looking at 30 days in Jail on 3 cases, im 9 month pregnant and was extremely stressed out. Without me having to go to court Guy was able to combine my … More

Consult with Honesty

Attorney: Guy Galambos

“He responds your concerns with honesty.

He fights for your case in any way you desire.

I don’t think I would have an opportunity to hire him since I no longer take drinks and my legal issues were all alcohol-related, however; if any of my friends or … More

Great lawyer. One of the best I’ve seen.

Case Type: Criminal Defense
Attorney: Guy Galambos

“great lawyer helped me out through the tough times treated me like family and and was always there to help me with my case would recommend this lawyer to anyone i know cause he takes care of his clients inside and outside of … More