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Determined Defense In Cases Of Domestic Violence

After O.J. Simpson’s notorious murder trial, the California legislature made many significant changes to the laws regarding domestic violence. These can be very serious cases.

In the past, it was customary for police to simply “keep the peace” when responding to most domestic disturbances. Now they are trained to determine who initiated the altercation and make an arrest. Likewise, the laws of evidence have changed and made it easier for prosecutors to obtain a conviction even in very questionable cases, such as when the “victim” comes to court to tell the truth, but it doesn’t match the police officer’s testimony.

Finally, domestic violence sentencing laws are now much more strict. Even first-time offenders are required to serve three years of supervised probation, attend an expensive 52-week counseling program for “batterers,” complete many hours of community service, pay mandatory fines and court fees as well as serve a jail sentence. For best results after a domestic violence arrest, seek legal counsel right away. In every case, Casciola & Galambos, LLP, is a reliable source of information and advice in such cases

Gun Owners And Parents In Child Custody Cases: Beware

In addition to the criminal penalties, it is critical for a person charged with domestic violence charges to be aware that a conviction will seriously affect any pending or future divorce or child custody dispute. For gun owners, it is essential to know that under federal law, a domestic violence conviction results in a lifetime ban on the ownership or possession of all firearms.

If you have been accused of domestic violence or spousal abuse, you need the most effective representation possible. Casciola & Galambos, LLP, works to build a strong and persuasive case designed to protect our clients’ rights.

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