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Is Rehabilitation A Viable Alternative To Jail?

At Casciola & Galambos, LLP, our experience as criminal defense lawyers has led us to recognize that many criminal charges stem from underlying troubles, drug use, alcohol abuse, or psychological problems. If these underlying issues are not resolved, their presence will continue to negatively affect the individual’s life. Because judges and prosecutors worry about what will happen in the future, your ability to convince the system that you do not present a risk or a danger of further criminal conduct will greatly affect how your present case will be treated.

Because of years of hearing broken promises to “change,” for you to get treated differently than most, you must act differently than most, by showing the legal system early involvement in rehabilitative treatment that builds confidence that real change is occurring. Casciola & Galambos, LLP, can help you find the help that you need to “walk the walk” and not just talk the talk.

You can do it, but an experienced and wise guide is vital. We have helped many people turn their lives around. We can help you to make important and lasting changes that are valued and trusted by the legal system. Your legal situation and your quality of life will both benefit.

Criminal And Therapeutic Aspects

In cases such as these, Casciola & Galambos, LLP, takes a two-pronged approach:

  • We defend what can be defended.
  • We develop strategies to deal with the chemical dependency or psychological problems facing the client.

Our goal in these situations is to minimize the legal consequences of the charges and get our clients the professional counseling and services they need to deal successfully with the underlying struggles which are contributing to their legal and personal problems. Not only does this help the client overcome their personal challenge, but it often results in significantly reduced penalties.

A Holistic Approach To Criminal Defense

Casciola & Galambos, LLP, understands that every client’s situation is unique. In addition to investigating the evidence and the nature of the charges, we work closely to understand the client’s life situation. If there are alcohol, drug, or emotional problems that are contributing to the client’s behavior, we direct them to experienced and proven professional treatment specialists or programs who can help.

Unfortunately, most criminal defense attorneys seek out the quickest, easiest outcome for their clients. This often ignores significant underlying personal problems and is ultimately counter-productive for the client. Casciola & Galambos, LLP, is committed to achieving the outcome that truly serves the client’s best interests. Many times that means assisting the client in finding the appropriate treatment provider to help them in both the short term with their case and in the long term to regain their productive, happy lives and avoid being arrested in the future.

Based on our great successes in the past, our local judges and prosecutors are more willing to take chances with our clients participating in treatment or therapy instead of serving a jail or prison sentence.

The Successful Rehabilitation Candidate

Family members and supporters know that not every client is receptive to this holistic approach. Rehabilitation is not the easiest path for a person’s defense in the midst of their struggle to follow. All too often, the natural instinct is to just deal with the emergency caused by being arrested. It is far easier to revert to old behavior patterns and resume troubling habits, which frequently just leads to another arrest.

We can help you work your way out of old struggles and bad choices, giving hope to you and your family while reducing the fears of the prosecutor and judge that greater problems appear ahead. Presenting early involvement in rehabilitation often makes the difference between a more reasonable sentence and a harsh one because it allows the judge a reasonable basis to give you a second chance.

The best results, both in the short term and the long run, happen when you discover both the tools for treatment and the hope that making real changes in your life will make a real difference in how the judge and prosecutor look at you. We can help you find that path.

Casciola & Galambos, LLP, has helped numerous clients facing drug charges, domestic violence charges, sex crime charges, and other criminal offenses obtain the therapy, treatment, and rehabilitation services needed to overcome the behavioral problems they face.

We Will Not Give Up On You

We may be able to help after a drunk driving arrest. Use this as a wake-up call in California to avoid future mistakes by working with your attorney. We understand your hesitancy to meet with an attorney, but rest assured we can help you get back on a better path.

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