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Representation Before Court – Early Advocacy May Prevent The Filing Of Any Charges

If you have been arrested or are under investigation, the best possible outcome is that criminal charges are never filed. Casciola & Galambos, LLP, has successfully persuaded the local prosecutors not to file charges in many, many cases, including some very serious felony investigations such as homicide and child molestation. This is a key chance to improve your situation before charges are brought and should not be missed.

Often, the most critical efforts are done immediately after the client becomes aware of a problem. This can include the chance to interview witnesses while information is fresh, or before they move away, or their feelings and loyalties change. It can involve talking to the police to avoid the client having to do so. Often, discussions with the prosecutors can avoid a charge being filed or lead to the filing of a reduced charge, because your lawyer can bring in favorable facts or point out favorable law that the prosecutor did not learn from the police or otherwise discover.

Often, local police detectives or prosecutors will agree to send our client a letter to appear instead of arresting them and forcing them to post bail. Or if they are determined to make an arrest, they are usually willing to allow us to arrange our client’s surrender at the police department instead of unexpectedly arresting him or her at home in front of family or at work in front of colleagues.

What Is “Pre-Filing” Representation?

Most people assume that once they have been arrested criminal charges will automatically be filed in court. In reality, prosecutors have a lot of discretion in deciding which cases they pursue. In some cases, they act quickly in filing charges, in other cases they may take up to 30 days or longer after an arrest before making the decision to go forward with a prosecution. During this time, they review the police report and the strength of the evidence before deciding whether to prosecute the case and if so, which charges to file.

Casciola & Galambos, LLP, has had much success in what we call pre-filing representation. During the intervening period between an arrest or the beginning of an investigation and the time the prosecutor formally files charges, we may be able to present favorable evidence or legal arguments which will persuade the prosecutor to either drop the charge or reduce it significantly.

Do Not Wait Too Long!

Since 1980, Casciola & Galambos, LLP, has successfully represented thousands of clients accused of felony and misdemeanor crimes. If you are being investigated or have been arrested, but you haven’t been to court yet, don’t sit back and wait to see what you will be charged with. Take the initiative: Call us so that we can analyze your situation and determine if “pre-filing” representation can make a difference. Pre-filing is not appropriate or successful in every case. Most clients, however, desperately want to avoid the expense, embarrassment and possible punishment of having criminal charges filed and are anxious to take the earliest step in defending themselves. Call 805-541-4135 or email us to arrange for a free consultation.