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At Casciola & Galambos, LLP, your future matters to us. Protect it by working with a team of attorneys that is committed to getting the best possible outcome in any criminal case.

Representing people in misdemeanor & felony cases in
San Luis Obispo County since 1985.

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Seasoned Defenders.

Being charged with a crime is one of the most difficult and stressful experiences in life.

You are up against the power of the state and all its resources. You face an uncertain future. You may feel that you no longer have the ability to control your life.

Although you have lived your life as a responsible member of society, now you are treated like a criminal.

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To deal successfully with the challenge you’re facing, you need a trusted counselor and a strong advocate who will defend your rights and freedom.

At Casciola & Galambos, LLP, we have been representing clients facing felony and misdemeanor charges in San Luis Obispo County since 1985.

In every case, we provide the strongest defense possible, reviewing every resource for your defense while guiding you to examine your options – in fighting your case or avoiding the fight – as you think best.

Our Attorneys Defend Clients
In Cases Big And Small


DUI/DWI Offenses

Other Alcohol
Related Charges
Other Alcohol Related Charges


License Suspensions


Drug Charges


Sex Offenses


Violent crimes

Violence Charges

Domestic Violence Charges

Disciplinary Hearings

Student Disciplinary Hearings

And Alternative Sentencing

Rehabilitation And Alternative Sentencing


Prefiling Representation

Trusted Defense For Locals And Visitors In
San Luis Obispo Superior Court

At Casciola & Galambos, LLP, we don’t just represent the local community. We represent many people from outside the San Luis Obispo area who run into legal difficulties while vacationing at the many recreational spots the Central Coast offers.

We offer the same range of services to visitors, and, in most misdemeanor cases, we can represent you without you ever needing to appear in court.

We Are A Team
Of Seasoned Defenders

Our attorneys have more than 70 combined years of experience representing clients in the California criminal justice system. We only practice criminal defense, and we only practice in San Luis Obispo County. Therefore, each of our attorneys personally knows every judge and prosecutor in the county. This familiarity allows for personalized strategies on how to best present your defense.

Our Attorneys

Our experienced staff will provide strong representation to resolve your criminal charges.
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Christopher A. Casciola

Our Attorneys

Our experienced staff will provide strong representation to resolve your criminal charges.

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Guy C. Galambos

California Public Defenders Association
The State Bar of California
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice

Read What
Others Say

Testimonials from real clients attest to our high-quality criminal defense and emotional support.

Justice was Served

Case Type: Violent Crime
Attorney: Guy Galambos

“Mr Galambos and the entire staff at the law firm worked tirelessly for the freedom of my son. We were all treated with respect and our insights were welcomed. The amount of hard work, knowledge of the law, and compassion Guy expressed were all necessary for the positive outcome of this case. My son was charged with a violent crime of rape. An unthinkable accusation for a kind young man. Guy fought for our son as if he was his own. I can’t say enough for the man who worked for the freedom and justice for my son.”


Cast Type: DUI
Attorney: Guy Galambos

“Guy is the most honest lawyer I have ever dealt with, he didn’t sugar coat what the outcome would be to get us to retain him, he was honest and straight forward with us from the beginning. The initial interview was very informative as well, he listened to the entire story and really cared about helping us out in a difficult time.”

Saved me from JAIL!

Case Type: DUI
Attorney: Guy Galambos

“Going through some tuff times I didn’t pay my probation fines and was looking at 30 days in Jail on 3 cases, I’m 9 month pregnant and was extremely stressed out. Without me having to go to court Guy was able to combine my cases, suspend the jail sentence and extend my fines, he took so much pressure off. He is awesome to work with and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. I cant thank him enough!”

Consult with Honesty

Attorney: Guy Galambos

“He responds your concerns with honesty.

He fights for your case in any way you desire.

I don’t think I would have an opportunity to hire him since I no longer take drinks and my legal issues were all alcohol-related, however; if any of my friends or people around me ask for the best attorney in town, I would surely say Mr. Galambos.

Do not go with other attorneys who make you feel better with full of lies for $$$.”

Great lawyer. One of the best I’ve seen.

Case Type: Criminal Defense
Attorney: Guy Galambos

“Great lawyer helped me out through the tough times treated me like family and was always there to help me with my case would recommend this lawyer to anyone I know cause he takes care of his clients inside and outside of the courtroom”

We Get To The Root Of The Problem
To Protect Your Future

In many criminal cases, there are underlying factors that have led to the arrest and cry out for attention. To develop the most effective strategies in these cases, we assist our clients to find the treatment or therapy they need. This approach has helped many of our clients address both their immediate legal problems as well as their underlying life issues.

As attorneys, we will work to defend what can be defended by providing a vigorous defense of our clients’ rights and freedom. As counselors, we will seek out the most helpful treatment and rehabilitation services proven to both aid the client’s struggle and satisfy the court and prosecutor’s concerns. This approach has helped our clients deal successfully with the personal and legal problems they face.